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BMW E46 Control Arm Bushing Replacement/DIY

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Search found 15 item s. All rights reserved. Follow Us: TOP. View Video. Dorman Training Center. Dorman provides aftermarket solutions for over 80, parts. Product of the Month Valve Covers Exact fit replacements for millions of vehicles. View Details. Dorman Products offers hundreds of installation and informational videos. Search Results. Showing Results for transmission-shift-cable-bushings. Search Filter. You Have Selected. Keyword - transmission-shift-cable-bushings.

Part Type. Automatic Transmission Shift Cable Bushing. Manual Transmission Shift Cable Bushing. Cable - Manual Transmission Shift. Automatic Transmission Shift Linkage Clip. Cable - Automatic Transmission Shift. Auto Transmission Shift Linkage Bushing. Did you find what you were looking for?Home Articles Control Arm Bushing Replacement - Lower How to Replace a Lower Control Arm and Bushings A lower control arm can cause popping, steering wheel shakes and irregular tire wear A lower control arm is designed to act as a support between the car frame and the spindle which is where the tire is located.

Every car is designed with control arms no matter if it is conventional, hybrid or electric. At least 2 control arms are on any car while independent rear suspension models will have at least four. These arms consist of two rubber bushings a metal frame and in some cases a ball joint. Responsible for allowing the wheel to move upward while the car hits at bump without transferring the motion to the body of the car a control arm acts like a hinge which supports the weight of the car by using a spring and shock assembly.

Because the weight of the car is transferred through the control arm two rubber bushings are fitted at the pivot point and bolted to the frame. Road conditions and driving habits can contribute to the wear of these bushings which will become worn and fall apart.

These bushing can be inspected by raising the car up and looking for an irregular configuration of the rubber center of the bushing. Many control arms have the ball joint manufactured into the arm which will be replaced along with the control arm itself. When one control arm is worn it is highly advised to replace the opposing arm. You will need to start by removing the wheel and jacking the car up while supporting it on jack stands.

bushing fix

Also wear protective eyewear and gloves. To start the ball joint must be released which can be done using a large wrench 20mm to 24mm or socket and loosening the ball joint nut after the cotter pin has been removed. Then by using a hammer strike the spindle or control arm bulkhead to "shock" the taper fit loose. If this job is being done on "live spring" suspension shock the lower control arm must be held by a hydraulic jack and then slowly lowered once the ball joint is released.

A sway bar will be connected to the control arm by way of the sway bar link. Remove the nut using a 14mm or 15mm wrench or socket. There could be a mini taper fit for this connection so you may need to shock it loose much like the ball joint. Grasp the sway bar link and remove it away from the lower control arm mount.


This will help the sway bar link stay out of the way during the job. There will be two control arm mounting bolts which could be horizontal or vertical. Use a 19mm to 22mm wrench or socket to loosen and remove the bolts. Some bolts will have a nut on the backside which will need to held by an additional wrench.

These bolts will be tight so make sure the socket or wrench is securely on the head of the bolt to avoid rounding. A universal joint and socket can be used to remove the rear control arm bolt which makes the job easier. After the bolts have been removed the arm may be loose so keep your hands on it. If the control arm is still in its mounts firmly grasp the arm and pull it outward while moving it up and down to remove it from the frame mounts.

If you are replacing just the bushings then continue with this guide. If you are replacing the entire control arm then continue onto number 6 in this guide. In the image below you can see the old bushing is torn allowing the control arm to wonder around in its mounts which causes brake pull and irregular tire wear.

Match the new bushing to the old bashing located in the control arm. It should be an identical match.Discussion in ' Clock Repair ' started by KipsterFeb 11, This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Previous Thread Next Thread.

Kipster Registered User. Hi all, I am interested in putting bushings in regula 25, 34 and Hubert Herr cuckoo clocks. I am fairly new to clock repair.

I have decided to start with hand tools. What specific hand tool, reamer, cutter and adapter do you recommend. Also what specific bushing sizes do I need for the above listed movement types. I only want to purchase what specifically is required to repair cuckoo clock movements. I have read a lot of the bushing posts and I still am a little confused on what to purchase. I want to get started slowly and buy additional tools as required. There is really no one in the area that can help me learn, so I am using the resources from your library,etc.

David S Registered User. Welcome to the forum Kipster. Have you looked at this thread Bushing Using Hand Tools The KWM system bushing are slightly smaller in outside diameter than the Bergeon and thus are preferred by some members. Other than that they will both suffice and have corresponding reamers. I don't work on a lot of cuckoo clocks, so I hoped that others would have come up with some suggestions.

It sounds like you want a minimum investment to get started so I would start with the KWM system. Here is what I think could be a good starter kit, and hopefully others will chime in with other suggestions.

KWM reamer 3 which is for 2. KWM handle to hold the reamers, for manual application. KWM assortment kit 1 which has 10 sizes from 14 to You will need some sort of tool to open up the bushing ID to fit the pivot. Most folks used a tapered broach, not sure of the size. You can check TimeSavers for the ones that cover the ID for the selection of bushings. Again if you are following the hand insertion method as outlined in the link you will need some fine needle files.

Also it would help us if you could show your country of origin in the profile so we can better direct you to a source for supplies. THTanner Registered User. If you have a quality drill press you can also consider this tool which lets you use the KWM style reamers and other tools with your drill press platform to help keep things square and true.

Do not use the drill press motor - turn the pulley by hand - and you will need something to hold the plates in the proper position so that they don't move.The only tool on the market today that can do a perfect TBI or carburetor bushing job, every time! Every one of us that has rebuilt a few carburetors has run into the situation where after our work is completed the engine revs too high or idles improperly.

This is, of course, due to a worn out throttle body that allows excess air past the throttle shaft. Now there is a simple and economical fix:.

It's the only tool on the market today that can do a perfect carburetor bushing job, every time! Up until now, the only solution was to throw the body out and get a new one - and those are outrageously expensive! Each Carburetor Throttle Shaft Kit Includes: Precision four flute reamer with depth stop and pilot Ten sintered-bronze oil-impregnated bushings enough for five jobs Throttle plate screws for use with Quadrajet carburetors Sturdy package which serves as a storage container Step by step instructions Shipping in Canada and the USA.

Rebuild worn-out throttle bodies on most carburetors and TBI units. This revolutionary tool eliminates vacuum leaks around throttle shafts! Simple and Easy No need for a drill press, special bits or complicated jigs - the Zako ATS throttle shaft repair kit lets you ream out the throttle body and install new bushings perfectly, every time!

Each kit comes with bushings for five carbs or throttle bodies. Extra bushings are available - use the tool over and over again. Copyright Uppgroup Inc. Carburetor Throttle Shaft Repair kits are available for the following:. Rochester Quadrajet. Carter BBD. GM TBIs. Carter Thermoquads. Holley 4-barrels. Ford Autolite. Throttle Shaft Repair Welcome Every one of us that has rebuilt a few carburetors has run into the situation where after our work is completed the engine revs too high or idles improperly.

Precision four flute reamer with depth stop and pilot. Ten sintered-bronze oil-impregnated bushings enough for five jobs.Sure, ad-blocking software does a great job at blocking ads, but it also blocks useful features of our website. For the best site experience please disable your AdBlocker. Home What's new Latest activity Authors. Photo Gallery New media New comments. Downloads Latest reviews. Groups Public Events. Log in Register.

What's new. New posts. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined Mar 22, Messages This turned out to be no easy job. I now have a pulley with a scored bore. I also have scored brass bushings on the countershaft support bracket.

This happened as I pressed the shaft out of the pulley and bushings.

How to Replace a Lower Control Arm and Bushings

The shaft had a lump from the set screws that held on the pulley and collar. How can I clean up the pulley bore and bushings? Should I try emery paper wrapped on a wooden dowel? Andre Forum Guest Register Today. If it's light scoring, just make sure there are no burrs and reassemble. This sleeve will have a bore the same size as your shaft and the same outside diameter as the enlarged hole in the pulley. Make sure you remove that setscrew mark on the shaft, and maybe even file a small flat where the setscrew rests to prevent raised marks in the future.

Help the next guy along. TLW Registered Registered. Joined Jan 31, Messages You can polish off the shaft an add the flat where the set screw restspress in new bushings and reassemble.

If you caught the issue in time and the bushings are not worn so much that the shaft is lose you should be in good shape.

bushing fix

You must have noticed a problem in the first place to want to remove the shaft so you might be in the same boat I am. I need to replace the two bushings and make a new shaft No big deal really if you have the capabilities to cut the key-ways for the woodruff keys. Joined Sep 27, Messages 3, Don't do that "no mo"!. Rob Registered Registered. Joined Nov 19, Messages All of the bushings that I have replaced on my 12" Crafstman lathe have been standard off the self bushings available at most hardware stores.

Just press the old ones out and then the new ones in. I have then used a sharp reamer to size.Our mobile mechanics offer services 7 days a week. Upfront and transparent pricing. Average rating from customers who received a Stabilizer Bar Bushings Replacement. Learn More. Our certified mobile mechanics can come to your home or office 7 days a week between 7 AM and 9 PM.

It depends on the type of car you drive and the auto repair shop you go to.

bushing fix

Our mechanics are mobile, which means they don't have the overhead that repair shops have. They provide you convenience by coming to your home or office. Stabilizer bar bushings are rubber bushings designed to isolate the steel stabilizer bar from the vehicle frame and suspension. The stabilizer bar itself is typically connected to the lower control arms or another suspension component.

Through a twisting action, the bar counteracts vehicle lean as you turn around a corner. Cars may be equipped with just a front stabilizer bar or both front and rear stabilizer bars. Although not a severe threat, aside from the likely presence of noise, operation at highway speeds when performing sudden maneuvers can be affected — especially if the vehicle is carrying a heavy load. Seek repair at your earliest convenience. With YourMechanic you can skip the auto shop altogether.

They send certified and screened mechanics straight to your door and enable you to save big on car repair and maintenance.


Stabilizer Bar Bushing Replacement at your home or office. Get an upfront price. Service Area. YourMechanic Benefits Online Booking. Mechanic comes to you. Free 50 point safety inspection. See availability. How much does Stabilizer Bar Bushings Replacement cost?

When to consider replacing stabilizer bar bushings: Knocking, clunking, grinding or squeaking noises. If a bushing has failed, the type of noise you hear depends on the location and extent of the failure. Complete loss of the bushing will cause metal-to-metal contact; you might hear clunking or grinding.

If the bushing has dried out and is hard, you might hear squeaking. Visible physical damage. On visual inspection, the bushings may be cut, abraded, dislodged, loose, or even missing. How do mechanics replace stabilizer bar bushings? Raise and support the vehicle using steel safety stands Remove tire and wheel assemblies on both ends of the axle.

Detach stabilizer bar bushing clamp, or stabilizer bar link, depending on the location of the bushing to be replaced. Often, if the stabilizer bushing to the vehicle frame mount is being replaced, the stabilizer bar must be completely detached at all links for there to be enough space to install the new frame bushings.

Once all bushings and required hardware are replaced, the bushing mounts are tightened with a load on the suspension. If required by the service manual, this step ensures the bushings will be in an unloaded condition and not pinched when the vehicle is sitting at normal ride height.

The vehicle is lowered and road tested to ensure normal cornering; meaning body lean within acceptable limits and without noise.

Is it safe to drive with a stabilizer bar bushings problem? When replacing stabilizer bar bushings keep in mind: The mechanic will inspect the stabilizer bar itself for corrosion, cracks and accident damage.

Bushings are sold in pairs because it is recommended they be replaced in pairs.

bushing fix

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